These Blue stripe chefs oven cloths are made from 100% Cotton.  Thick, strong, heat resistant and once they have been in the wash about 5 times, they will also become super absorbent, and can wipe up any spill from a surface to a bone dry state.  Initially the absorbancy level of these cloths is poor, because they are brand new, but after a few washing cycles, they become super absorbent.  Truly excellent cloths.  Washable up to 60 Degrees.  Weight:  Approx: 140g.   Size when fully open:  80cm x 50cm.   For maximum heat resistance please use when folded over twice.  Brand New Grade A Stock - Perfect Condition.   Multiple Quantity Discounts on this Item.    You will receive 5 x Oven Cloths.

5 x 100% Cotton Blue Stripe Professional Catering Heat Resistant Chefs Oven Cloths - GRADE A

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